The Stella Series



Stella Series

Stella Tower is at the confluence of Lincoln Center and Broadway and houses a serious group of musicians, composers and actors.


Michael Rose and Tema Blackstone living in Stella Tower, along with Vickey Barron of Corcoran, brought the arts in to the building and to the community of Midtown Manhattan, celebrating how extraordinary talent shifts the mindset and value through live performance. 

Up close and personal, upside down original is our motto.



Concerts by Yale Scholars

Michael Rose & Stephen Schwartz- Broadway & the process

Concert by Yale Scholars and guest artists from Juilliard

An Intimate Evening of Music - April 2017

Past artists include:

Stephen Schwartz, Michael Rose, A Bu, Anne Fraser Thomas, Matt Gould & Griffin Matthews, Alan Zachary & Michael Weiner, Laurel Harris, Anna Ebbesen, Kristy Cates, Niu Niu, Hung-Kuan Chen, Maxim Lando Thea Mesirow, Leia Slosberg, Eva Ingolf, John Bucchino, Jerome Lowenthal, Anaïs Wang, Chelsea Guo, Yilan Zhou, Christine Taylor Price, Michael McCorry Rose, Avery Gagliano, Kerstin Anderson, Georgia Stitt, Sam Willmott, Jessica Vosk, Ivan Han, Noah Lee, Carlyle Cooney, Zeyu Shen, Chris Goodpasture, Maxwell Foster



Bringing the young to mentor the younger pianists! Brilliant musicians who have in effect made it in their profession and wish to enrich the lives of much younger pianists or discuss issues and dilemmas they might run up against as professional musicians.


Robert Fleitz - Director of Contemporary / 21st Century Music

A Bu - Co-Director of Jazz & Contemporary Music


Noa Kageyama

Maxwell Foster

Chu Yue

Christopher Goodpasture

Past Master Class Participants

Zeyu Shen

Jeffrey Chin

Philip Hoover

Everlyn Zhou

Dongwon Lee

Benny Young

Andrew Gu

Zachary Guo

Chris Stacknys