It all started when....

my friend Rumiko Adamowicz and I spoke about the need to champion an artist, a young pianist and have them mentored by great pianists. Living in Boston at the time, we chose Niu Niu who had followed my husband, Hung-Kuan Chen, then the chair of Shanghai Conservatory Piano Department. In 2013, ventured to Manhattan and he began his studies at The Juilliard School where we commenced teaching. At 10 years old, he made this decision, illustrating his curiosity, courage and determination.

- Tema Blackstone


The main part of Artemisia foundation is to choose a  tremendously  accomplished pianist whom we give a highly visible recital in a major hall in NYC, was support his artistry.   He or she becomes an ambassador to the community through our Outreach program, connecting by performing and speaking with others in hospitals, schools and businesses thereby enlarging the culture and treasures gifted to us by great composers of the past.  Connected is aiding the younger students by teaching them from time to time, about the journey, the pitfalls and rewards of living as an artist in the 21st Century.


The Laureate Selection panel  of the Artemisia Foundation is comprised of the chair of Curtis, Juilliard and Yale University as well as the President of the foundation.

Through the Artemisia Laureate Program we champion one local pianist, in a highly visible recital and create opportunities galvanizing them to go out into the world, talking and playing for young people in schools, the elderly in homes and those in business, unaccustomed to going to the concert hall.  They travel spreading inspiration through the works of the greatest composers from our civilization.


Maxim Lando

American pianist Maxim Lando has been described by Berkshire Fine Arts as having an “ever so clear approach to the keyboard, and the molding and shaping of phrases straight from the musical angels.” Maxim’s concerts and collaborations have brought him to the international stage, with invitations to perform spanning from across the globe.



Niu Niu performed in Jordan Hall at the Yale University with Emma Watson being the special guest of Artemisia.