The Artemisia Foundation, through a private selection process, chooses a superb pianist to be named Laureate. He or she is given a highly visible recital in a major hall, and participates in a variety of community outreach activities.

Upcoming Performance: September 20, 2019

Niu Niu passes the baton to Maxim Lando, the 2019 Laureate, in a performance at Chelsea Wine Vault in New York City.


Maxim Lando, 2019 Laureate

American pianist Maxim Lando has been described by Berkshire Fine Arts as having an “ever so clear approach to the keyboard, and the molding and shaping of phrases straight from the musical angels.” Maxim’s concerts and collaborations have brought him to the international stage, with invitations to perform spanning from across the globe.


Niu Niu, 2014 LAUREATE

“Niu Niu is by some margin the most accomplished and most completely realized young pianist I have ever heard...he plays with utter naturalness and poise, relaxed elegance, and what you might call daring except for being so extraordinarily effortless and in the service of thoughtfulness.” (The Boston Music Intelligencer)

Laureate Maxim Lando. Lang Lang, and Chick Corea after a performace together.

Laureate Maxim Lando. Lang Lang, and Chick Corea after a performace together.

It all started when....

My friend Rumiko Adamowicz and I spoke about the desire to champion a young pianist, mentoring them and creating space for outreach. At 10 years old, Niu Niu followed my husband, Hung-Kuan Chen, from Shanghai to Boston. In 2013, he moved to Manhattan to continue his study under him at The Juilliard School. 

Maxim Lando is the 2019 Laureate, 16, equally brilliant and curious and courageous – come see them in concert on September 28, 2019…

-Tema Blackstone, President of the Artemisia Foundation