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Once a month, eight fellows, nominated by their teacher, spend a better part of a day at Yale University School of Music, engaging with professors there, having master classes and lectures by world- renowned scholars and pianists.  

They are personally escorted by master curators of the historical instrument collection, and perform there, as well as Yale Art Museum, Sterling Library, with performances and master classes at Sprague Hall. 

Projects are reviewed and dialogue ensues: theses pianists, this chosen few, from the eastern seaboard, receive opportunities to perform, and work with professors from The Juilliard School twice each semester.  There is a cultural exchange as these pianists, from different cities and conservatories meet and become a family - creating ties for years to come.

Upon graduation, they become ambassadors for the community ....

2015-2017 Fellows

Maxim Ladno

Chelsea Guo

Johanna Bufler

Hechengzi Li

Ivan Wenfang Han

Youlan Yi

Jess Larsen

Derek Wang

Coco Ma

Philip Hoover

Caroline Hsu

William Wei

pedagogues INVOLVED

Gary Graffman

Veda Kaplinsky

Dean Robert Blocker

Hung-Kuan Chen

Tema Blackstone

Sascha Korsantia

Matti Raekalio

Boris Berman

Melvin Chen

Wei-Yi Yang