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If you are curious, dive in and pass it on! Inspiration is the catalyst. Join the conversation and discover Artemisia as we support and encourage artists that are young and those that are established, dedicated, full of ideas, energy, and experience.

We must fight for great art to be a true part of the fabric of American life. With your help and insight, artists cross boundaries, across every part of the world, and complete the human experience.

Please join our family, champion one of these young pianists, and help us to come to you. Whether it be in business, schools, or hospitals.

We wish to video and archive all activities so they spread through YouTube to all young people who don’t have access to these fine institutions and impart the highest level of artistic endeavors and impart why Classical music is so terribly valuable and need to be heard and kept for the next generation. Audiences look to art as a kind of restorative because if they see in it something of themselves, of their consciousness, perhaps as a nation, a group, or as individuals.  Art clears the path, without prejudice, without borders, without walls. 

Art can speak to you by speaking for you.



Tema Blackstone’s rich and varied life in music has grown out of her career as a pianist. Her influential work encompasses advocacy of music and musicians as a force for personal and societal well-being, and the passing on of the legacy of great music to new generations. As a public speaker, Ms. Blackstone raises awareness of the positive effects of the arts on society, describing how music and medicine reflect and enhance one another. She champions this cause as musician and lecturer wherever she travels, from Boston, New York, Calgary and Toronto to France, Switzerland and China. Her impressive concert career encompasses solo engagements as well as piano duo performances with Hung-Kuan Chen, to whom she is married. The couple also teaches as a team.    

Ms. Blackstone has made the mentoring and supporting of young pianists her major focus. She co-founded the Millennium 3 Music Recital Series in Boston (1990) and The Connection at Mount Royal Conservatory in Calgary, which funded pianists from China and North America in Canada (1999). Since 2012 she has been President of the Artemisia Foundation in Boston, which creates opportunities for promising young artists to be presented in high-profile venues and to be involved in community outreach. Artemisia Akademie at Yale, which began in 2014, offers a day each month to eight carefully-chosen pianists, providing them with master classes and seminars in business, health, art and writing taught by Yale University professors. These young pianists become ambassadors to their communities, promoting the power of classical music to their peers by both speaking and performing.  www.artemisia-foundation.org 

Tema Blackstone earned her Master’s degree in Performance at Boston University, studying with Anthony di Bonaventura, and continued doctoral studies with Hung-Kuan Chen. She served as Chair of the Piano Department at Mount Royal Conservatory from 1999 to 2007. She has been on the faculty of New England Conservatory’s preparatory division and the Walnut Hill School in Boston, and has lectured and taught at Shanghai Conservatory since 2005. She is currently on the faculty of The Juilliard School’s Pre-College Division, and assists Hung-Kuan Chen in the College Division. Together, they have taught and coached hundreds of young pianists, including such notable performers as Yuja Wang, Sean Chen and Niu Niu.

Ms. Blackstone has taught, lectured and performed at such international music festivals as Morningside Music Bridge, the Banff Festival, the annual Shanghai Conservatory Piano Academy and the Mosaic Festival in California, and has been presented by the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts. She has judged the Honens International Piano and Steinway Competitions, and has participated in the Perugia and Aspen Festivals. 

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