Cartographers “mapping your world”

If you are curious, dive in and pass it on! Inspiration is the catalyst. Join the conversation and discover Artemisia as we support and encourage artists that are young and those that are established, dedicated, full of ideas, energy, and experience.

We must fight for great art to be a true part of the fabric of American life. With your help and insight, artists cross boundaries, across every part of the world, and complete the human experience.

Please join our family, champion one of these young pianists, and help us to come to you. Whether it be in business, schools, or hospitals.

We wish to video and archive all activities so they spread through YouTube to all young people who don’t have access to these fine institutions and impart the highest level of artistic endeavors and impart why Classical music is so terribly valuable and need to be heard and kept for the next generation. Audiences look to art as a kind of restorative because if they see in it something of themselves, of their consciousness, perhaps as a nation, a group, or as individuals.  Art clears the path, without prejudice, without borders, without walls.


Art can speak to you by speaking for you.


Artemisa Foundation- 501 (c) 3


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